Meet Our Team

Alhambra & Associates is proud to have a team of senior professionals with experience in diverse fields and sectors. Our multidisciplinary team shares the same passion for the business project where people are the priority.


We collaborate with companies of varying sizes and across diverse sectors, including entrepreneurs and independent professionals.


Our client base includes large multinational corporations, family-owned businesses, SMEs, and independent entrepreneurs seeking professional services, new contacts, and business opportunities.


We serve clients across various sectors such as aerospace, transportation, technology, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, publishing, consulting, tourism, and hostelry, among others.


Therefore, our services are personalized and tailored to meet each client's needs, offering headhunting, networking, coaching, image consultancy, and corporate communication services.


At Alhambra & Associates, we prioritize closeness, personalized attention, and cordiality. For us, individuals form the most crucial asset of a company and every new project we undertake.


The professionalism and experience of our team, combined with a high success rate in our endeavors, have earned us the trust of our clients. To them, we owe the consolidation and expansion of Alhambra & Associates with new projects and services.


We offer each company a tailored solution, competitive prices, and a close, personalized approach.

Our team

Our Selection Team in Madrid is made up of highly qualified professionals:

Elena Hurtado
Selection Technician

Management of complete selection processes, demand management, prescription, resume screening, interviews, relationship and hiring management.

Enrique Muñoz
Selection Technician

Management of complete selection processes, demand management, prescription, resume screening, interviews, relationship and hiring management.

These selection experts handle complete selection processes, prescription, resume screening, interviews, relationship and hiring management to assist companies in finding the best talents.

Clients and References (Opinions from Satisfied Executives and Professionals)

At Alhambra & Associates, customer satisfaction and positive references stand as our strongest endorsement. Here are some of our clients and their opinions:


Rafael Martinez Abarca

"Miguel Alhambra leads a small company specializing in Talent Acquisition and Headhunting, focusing on the management, identification, search, and integration of valid profiles."

Miguel Díaz Roldán

"Deeply knowledgeable about the Spanish job market. Very approachable and amiable in dealings."

Cristobal Pérez

"Miguel is a compendium of talent and capability, precise and free from artifice."

Baldo Rincón

"Working with Miguel is an absolute guarantee of success."

Adolfo Robledo Alvaro

"Miguel is a thorough headhunter, perseverant with an immense work capacity and an extensive network of contacts".

Germán Moreno

"Miguel is an excellent professional who has greatly assisted me in my career project, providing guidance and recommendations to expand my network of contacts and utilize networking effectively."

Belén Sánchez

"Miguel is an excellent professional in the talent selection field. He cares to see beyond our resumes, valuing the potential, experience, trajectory, and attitude of the individuals whose resumes reach his hands. Undoubtedly, I owe him my return to the workforce after a long period away from it due to personal reasons."

Mónica Portugués

"I met Miguel when he was the Talent Acquisition Manager during his time at Teamwill. I'll highlight his approachability, support, and empathy during the selection process, and subsequently within the company. Another noteworthy quality is that Miguel is an excellent colleague, always willing to selflessly assist the team with his time, knowledge, and expertise."

Raquel Avilés Caminero

"Miguel is passionate about his work, evident in the enriching nature of his courses. His approachable and friendly demeanor makes learning easy. Thanks to him, I've managed to improve my knowledge of LinkedIn, which was much needed to enhance my professional activity! Thank you so much, Miguel".

José-María Martínez-Gonzalo

"I can't think of anyone who leverages LinkedIn resources or the possibilities of connecting individuals or professionals through social networks better than Miguel. Whether you're a candidate or someone seeking another person to fill a job position, I have no doubt that you should rely on Miguel and his team to reach any distant corner of the world or explore the hidden face of the moon. And if, furthermore, he's always willing to help, success is guaranteed".

These are just a few opinions from executives and professionals who trust us. At Alhambra & Associates, we take pride in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

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